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Doctor salaries in the UK

Pay for doctors

This page outlines the pay for doctors from 1 April 2015.

Doctors in training

All doctors in training earn a basic salary and may be paid an additional supplement depending on their working pattern.

FY1 (HO) £22,636 -£25,461 per annum before tax deductions

FY2 ( SHO) £28,076 - £31,748 per annum before tax deductions
Specialist Registrar

Specialist Registrar - £31,301 £47,175 per annum before tax deductions

Specialty doctors

Specialty Doctor - £37,176 - £69,325 per annum before tax deductions


Consultant - £75,249 - £101,451 per annum before tax deductions, dependent on years of seniority in the consultant grade. Local and national clinical excellence awards may be awarded subject to meeting the necessary criteria.

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