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Medical CV preparation

From your CV a person needs to quickly see:
  • Your ambition
  • Your most recent experience
  • Your core medical and higher medical qualifications
  • The route you would anticipate securing employment in the UK with.
It should include a first page summary of this information, followed by the roles you've undertaken in more detail. Roles can vary tremendously between countries so perhaps provide a work load description and what a typical week involves for you. Information to include could be from the following:
  • the hospital
  • the total amount of beds
  • facilities on offer
  • the size of the department
  • amount of beds and facilities on offer within the department
  • how many doctors work within the department, do you supervise/ teach anyone within your current role?
  • Can you also detail what a typical day consists of within your current position, amount of patients seen and most common cases
  • Please list all the procedures you are able to carry out, supervised and unsupervised
Testimonials are useful, but you must provide 2 references from your most recent employment (including email addresses and contact numbers so we can apply for these directly if needs be).
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